I, for my part, know no greater pleasure than living in a peaceful world with no crime within or even any it can be handled by authorized person such as police or soldier (or superhero when it appears out of my mind) that I used to comprehend from books or films when I was younger. Currently, I enter into the reality of harsh world. There, without shame, I find there are less overtly humanistic.

Not anyone can be more obvious to understand how people killed out hundreds men and children just to overtake their land. How easiness to overly bully person in a cruel way till coming for a death. The most extreme and surely the cruelest, how could people torture, sexually abuse, and throw children like nothing. Rhetorically.

It takes a long time to understand what is important of doing such criminals. Ones might say that the making abnormal situation are economical issue, psychological issues such as bad experience in the past and high life pressure or any other things. But, does this imply that the main problem of all criminals has to be a lack of humanism. Right?

Of these harsh reality, I am so afraid. There is a gigantic fear on my mind that it is possible happened to people around me (hopefully not) and I could not bear such situation. I, however, have no power to stand in the line of battle to protect the earth for being happily ever after as I am dreaming of. One and only way, is to warn anyone for being aware of possible criminals. To my little brother, I always say, “Leave your friends who fight at school!”, “Don’t go to anywhere alone!”, “Don’t trust strangers!” etc.

But, does it solve the problem? NO!
As we know it, peaceful world cannot be gained for single person only. We need to consolidate in unity to against any substances causing criminals in our environment. Being more cautious to anyone behaving strangely. Engrafting how to live peacefully to people around us. Teaching others how to protect their selves. and other actions.

Based on those small things, I really hope that there will be an intrinsic and permanent peaceful world with full of humanistic personalities. Aamiin. .


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