Everest, The Mountain Makes its own Weather

A film directed by Baltasar Komakur, Everest, stories about a commercial expeditions to Mount Everest. This biographical adventure film visualizing a real tragedy on 1996 is well starred by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), a lead of Adventure Consultants, Scott Fisher (Jake Gyllenhal) – Rob’s rival, Beck Weathers – an experienced climber, Doug Hansen – a former mailman pursuing his dream, Yasuko Namba -a woman climber who wants to complete her 7th summits climbing record-, and Jon Krakauer -a magazine journalist.

Early on, Everest will offer us an astonishing view that makes Rob Hall and friends obeying a sign that there would be a storm while they are hiking the mount. After reaching the top and trying back to the camp, a blizzard strikes the mountain causing their way getting worsen. Lacking of oxygen causing hypoxia, sliding off the mountainside and getting frozen are the unbearably consequences of the disaster to watch.

As Rob Hall says, “The mountain makes its own weather,”. Much like the mountain itself, the scent of Everest attracts people to climb, but having a serious and heavier foot traffic. If we have a little experience of the climber’ suffering, it would be easier to understand how this tragedy feels like.


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